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LOTSWild Scout and Sail Camp

LOTSWild Scout and Sail Camp


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Classes include Martial arts, survival, The Appalachian Ninja, traditional sword, Qi Gong and body wellness - get in shape and learn defense with our online live courses during COVID-19 isolation periods.

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LOTSWild Scout and Sail Camp

LOTSWild Scout and Sail Camp

LOTSWild Scout and Sail Camp


July 12 - July26

Two week basic training for wilderness mastery: fire skills, teamwork, scout knowledge, awareness, knots, games, shelters, cooking, pubg LIVE!, tracking, stealth, navigation, sailing, kayaks, night training, swimming, woodworking and more.

LOTSWild Scout and Sail Camp


* Deposit of $200 required for each student of summer camp

*Deposit non refundable 30 days prior to camp

*payments welcome, balance must be complete before camp start

*all students must have registration completed and mailed in prior to camp

*  AVL / GSP / CLT Airport pickup available!

*SCROLL DOWN to book camp and reserve your place - we limit our program to 12 students!

Drone and NINJA Camp


AUGUST 2 - 7th, 2020

Students learn to pilot RC Quadcopter Drones for intense mountain recon, exploring, trail finding, rescue, photography and more.  Additionally, students do all the basics - hiking, swimming, archery, tracking, stealth, martial arts training and more.  

$750 BOOK BELOW space very limited ages 8-21

upcoming classes


Earth Day at King's Mountain

Free fun family festival at King's Mountain NC, come see Spencer

April 25, 2020

Heritage Life Skills Festival

Weekend educational event, Spencer teaching, lots of vendors, Waynesville NC

May 8-10, 2020

Firefly Gathering

June 3 - 7th, EPIC educational collective, music arts crafts and four days camping visit

Blacksmithing camp

Come stay at our Air b n b and make your own knife, ages 8 and up. 

July 4-5, 2020  $300 per person, maximum 5 people total for camp

Father Son Camp @ Turtle Island

June 19-21, 2020  see for details

Drone Ninja Camp

Come learn to fly drones for intense mountain recon - play laser tag with others via RC quadcopters.  Additionally train in wilderness survival skills, tracking, plants, crafts, archery, knife throwing, jiu jutsu, swimming, hiking, camping, and more.  August 2-7, 2020  $750 LOTSWild base camp Air B n B  SPACE LIMITED!


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HOST Spencer in your community / EVENTS

Spencer regularly travels and teaches throughout the year.  Email to reserve him as a public speaker, class instructor, musician, at your home, venue, or event.

Manual downloads for students

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Kenpo Basics 1 (docx)


Kenpo Basics 2nd version copy (docx)


IMA Charts w Principles 26 pgs All (pdf)


TSDmanual_short (doc)


Koto Ryu (docx)


Kukishin Ryu Roku Shaku Bo Jutsu (docx)


Shindenfudo Ryu (docx)


Firearm Foundations Test (docx)


Ed-Med Plants VID Test (docx)


Just a sample! Come stay at our AirBB Camp and Learn!

Activities and classes include -

  Stick jiu jutsu, clothing as a tool, Bo staff, samurai Koizumi sword, spear techniques, tracking, sailing - fast, water rescue, first aid, traps, plant ID, folk medicines, escrima,  strikes, locks, navigation, orienteering, strength training, mechanics, gardening, healing arts, wet/cold/night/altitude exposure, gadgets, archery, blacksmithing, knife throwing, true shurikenjutsu, sling making-use, bark working, wood carving, knots and hitches, tipi construction, barn raising, animals - training and care, fire (smokeless, friction, ice, piston, glass, plastic, balloon, hand drill, can, sparks, battery, flint, one match, wind, wet, more), rope climb, stalking, hunting, skinning, clothes making, food/cooking, weather reading, rock climbing, river safety, swimming, rock craft, shugendo, fishing, Cherokee style blowguns - darts, hanbo, beekeeping, bamboo crafts, native lore, tree study, appalachian history, alternative power systems, marksmanship, teambuilding, arrow making, primitive dying, backpacking, psychology, tool sharpening, languages, escape techniques, gotonpo, storytelling, photography, herbs, knife making, bone craft, the honor of challenge, metal working, camo - patterns/types/uses, ceremony, history, music, endurance, solo wilderness preparation, spears, home security, goat wrasslin, community events, radios, tomahawks, sewing, handload centerfire cartridges, horse archery, scat, hojojutsu, shelters, bikepacking, simple games, metsubishi, and much much more!!!!!